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Mobile Apps
Tally mobile app brings real time information & allows you to access your Tally ERP9 data anytime / anywhere. It is securely synced with your Tally ERP9 installation.
We are Partner with Biz-Analyst for Tally Mobile Apps. It’s work on Android & iOS ( Apple Phone ). Tally mobile app brings real time information & allows you to access your Tally ERP9 data anytime / anywhere. It is securely synced with your Tally ERP9 installation.
Multiple Reports, dashboard and graphs allow you to make decisions in the office, at meetings or out on the road. Biz Analyst is not only for CEO and other senior management of the company but for everyone who uses tally data while on the move.
Just a few clicks on the mobile phone, be it an iPhone or Android platform, you can count on Biz Analyst to give you information you need.
  • Outstanding
  • Sales / Purchase
  • Customer Profile
  • Inventory Item Profile
  • Inactive items/Customers
  • Notifications
  • 100% Secure
  • Real Time
  • Works Offline
We request you to go to your Phone Settings, Click on Battery and Check the battery consumption percentage used by each app. If Biz Analyst is amongst the top ones consuming your battery, we would request you to send us the screenshot along with your device details.
We are third party application provider of tally. Our product has been reviewed by Tally’s team and is also listed on Tally’s website as a recommended mobile application.
Yes you can, but the performance on the phone will be affected as the data for each company will be stored in your app and syncing of 150 companies will happen in your app as well.
No, We don’t charge based on the number of companies you have in one Tally. Our subscription charges are per Device per Tally License.
Yes you can! However, your IOS version should be 9 & above.
Yes, you need to open up all your companies in tally for it to sync with Biz Analyst. Also do make sure that all the companies are open in the same Tally where ODBC is enabled. If the companies are open in separate Tallys within the same PC, then it will only sync the company that is open in Tally with the ODBC enabled.
No, you dont have to pay again and neither your data will be lost. All you have to do is Download the app again from the app store / play store and login with the email-id and password you have created for Biz Analyst. All your data will get redownloaded in your app.
Yes, you can get the data from both the locations in one app itself. You need to install the destop app on both the locations and sign-in with the same email-id and password. Companies from both the locations will get synced and show within the same app in your mobile. Please do note that our subscription charges are per device, per Tally License.
Please click on the link below to check out step by step instructions for adding additional users in your company: For Android and For iOS
Open up your mobile app, Go to Dashboard > Click on Receivables.
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Terms & Conditions
Payment : 100% Advance along with Purchase Order.

Support : Online telephonic support/assistance.
Solutions : Solutions fee & upgradation for 1 Year.
AMC/Updates : Rs.900 /- on Solutions Cost Per Annum.
* It will support you on Tally.ERP 9 Release

Online Support : +91 9223850500 | 9223850509 | 9223850510 | 9223850515
** For additional Companies on same license or Different License will be charged extra.

Bank Details:

HDFC Bank Ltd.
Account No :04062560000585
IFS Code : HDFC0000406
Bank Branch : Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai
In case of DD/Cheque , the same should be in the name of 4 Quadrant Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , payable at Mumbai to be sent to the above mentioned address.
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